General conditions of Sale

General Conditions of Sale

  1. Objeto

1.1. The present General Condition in force, are meant to regulate the terms and conditions from wich the Online Store Services from Porttable, Produtos Alimentares, Lda. will be ruled.

1.2. By navigating the internet Website, the user agrees to be bound to the terms of online sale described below.

1.3. Porttable, Produtos Alimentares, Lda. may change freely and without the need to previosly comunicate the Terms and Conditions of the Sales.

1.4. Porttable, Produtos Alimentares, Lda. holds this website for exclusive use of “end consumers”, meaning, exclusively for acquisitions outside your scope of activity, business or profession.

1.5. The online acquisition of alcoholic beverages is only allowed on countries where the consumption of alcoholic beverages is legal and for people that legal permission, in their country of residence, to buy or consume them.

1.6. The user of this website must abandon it if :

  • it disagrees with any of the Terms;
  • if it isn’t an “end consumer”
  • if it isn’t old enough to buy and consume alcoholic beverages in its country;
  • If it is, at the moment, in a country or territory where the usage and access of this website isn’t allowed.
  1. Products

2.1. The images that illustrate each product on Porttable, Produtos Alimentares, Lda. can differ from the products delivered, beeing also subject, to stock rupture.

2.2. Porttable, Produtos Alimentares, Lda. don’t sell defective products or with quality below the existing market standards.

2.3. The main characteristics of each shown product in can be found in each product page.

2.4. The products for sale in may not match exactly the real products in terms of image and colors, due to the browser used or the display characteristics.

  1. Prices

3.1. Under Portuguese Legislation, all presented prices in the online store of Porttable, Produtos Alimentares, Lda. include the VAT taxes in vigor.

3.2. The taxes of delivery are applied on each order.

3.3. The exact price of the delivery tax, will depend on the country where the order will be delivered and the weight / volume of it. For aditional information regarding taxes per destination, please check the Help / FAQ’s of the website.

3.4. The shipping can be made without cost for orders that exceed the minium value defined on the website, according to the country or campaing in vigor.

3.5. The prices are presented in Euro, so have in consideration that there might be a divergence in what comes to costs of transportation according to the country of the delivery.

3.6. The total price specified on the final menu of the checkout includes taxes and shipping costs.

3.7. You must only pay the exact ammount specified in the confirmation of the order and you shall make individual payments per each order.

3.8. Price Changes:

3.8.1. The prices of the products presented on the website are susceptible to change. Porttable, Produtos Alimentares, Lda. reserves the right of changing the prices without previous notice.

3.9. Price Errors

3.9.1. Some products may present an inaccurate price, reason for wich Porttable Produtos Alimentares, Lda. verifies the prices all the times it proceeds to process any order.

3.9.2. Please have in mind that even tho the website is updated with extreme caution, it’s possible that the information about the price on the website contains errors, reason why the presented prices are merely indicative and don’t constitute a contract proposal.

3.9.3. If the the produtct price is inferior of the announced price, Porttable Produtos Alimentares, Lda. will return the difference.

3.9.4. If the price is superior, Porttable Produts Alimentares, Lda. will inform the client of the situation, by email, and will wait for a 15 day period, counting from the date the email was sent, its decision to accept the new price or cancel the order.

  1. Orders

4.1. To order on is necessary for the user to have an e-mail account and its browser is configured to accept cookies and pop-ups, so that it might take full advantage of all the navegability conditions of the online store.

4.2. The satisfaction of all orders performed on the website is subject to availability.

4.3. The “Casa Agrícola Manuel Joaquim Caldeira, Lda.” tries to ensure that all items available for sale on the website are always in stock.

4.4. To Order:

4.4.1. Find the products you want to buy;

4.4.2. Add selected products to Shopping Bag;

4.4.3. Finalize the product selection;

4.4.4. Select the payment option;

4.4.5. Review your order;

4.4.6. Proceed to payment;

4.4.7. You will receive an order confirmation by email.

4.4.8. Your order is confirmed in the moment you press the “Confirm Payment” (Checkout) in the final stage of the process of buying.

4.4.9. You will receive automatically a message by e-mail with your number of order and all the details.

4.4.10. By submitting the order form, you are accepting the general conditions of purchase, aswell as other conditions that exist on this website, through links, including the general terms.

4.4.11. The formalization of the order by itself does not constitute a reservation of the products.

4.5. Data Verification

4.5.1. After receiving the order, Porttable Produtos Alimentares, Lda. reserves the right of confirming the address, credibility and verification of fraud.

4.5.2. In what concerns verification of fraud, Porttable, Produtos Alimentares, Lda. will perform verifications partially automated in all orders to filter uncommon transactions, suspicious or identified as susceptible of fraud.

4.6. Right not to accept the order or cancel the purchase

4.6.1. We reserve the right of not accepting your order, or cancel it even after the automatic confirmation.

4.6.2. We reserve the right to cancel any purchase, even tho it’s been accepted by Porttable Produtos Alimentares, Lda. in the following situations:

    • The product is no longer available / in stock (the ammount payed will be refunded);
    • The billing information is not correct or verifiable;
    • The order is sinalized by our security system as an incorrect order or susceptible of fraud;
    • The transfer for payment of the order wasn’t received in a 5 business day period;
    • There are any clues or information that you might not have legal age to buy or consume alcoholic beverages;
    • In case of error on the product pricing;
    • If it’s not possible the delivery of the order in your country of residence.

4.6.3. In any of the situations above, Porttable Produtos Alimentares, Lda. will inform the client via e-mail.

4.6.4. If any finalized order has been made for products no longer availabe, Porttable Produtos Alimentares, Lda. will proceed to a full refund.

  1. Pagamento

5.1. After the confirmation of the order, an e-mail will be sent for the contact address registered by the client, with all the details about the delivery, billing, payment information, products and values.

5.2. If the client doesn’t receive the confirmation e-mail of the order, he should get in contact with our services through the following address: so that the notification will be sent again.

5.3. Porttable Produtos Alimentares, Lda. asks to all clients the confirmation of the details of any order.

5.4. If any elements of the order are hidden, incomplete, incorrect, and/or the client intends to change any information, as long as the order is not yet dispatched, the cliente should get in contact with our services through the following address : as soon as possible, so that internally we can make the requested changes.

5.5. Any changes to already dispatched orders will have to be analized case by case by our team so that, together with the cliente we can find the most suitable solution for everyone.

5.6. All orders will only be processed after the effective receipt of the payment, wich should occur in the following 15 days from the day of the order. When this date ends, the order should be automatically canceled.

5.7. You can find the means of payment available on the Help section of the website. We don’t accept any other method of payment besides the ones mentioned. Please do not try to pay through any other mean besides the ones specified. If you do, we may not be held responsible for lost of the payment or any other damage that can occur.

5.9. This informations will not be used by our company except to perform the necessary procedures of purchase or refund, in case of refund, in accordance with the exercice of the right of refund our to comunicate, to the authorities.

  1. Order Security

6.1. In case of suspected fraud, the online store, uses one of the most recent and advanced security encryption technologies available on the market.

6.2. Your payment informations will be encrypted from the moment they are introduced in the forms until the transaction is fully processed, and they will not be kept in a public server.

6.3. Even tho we use an encryption software, the security of the information and payments via Internet in general or via e-mail cannot be guaranteed

6.4. Porttable Produtos Alimentares, Lda. may never be held responsible for any damage or loss suffered by using eletronic means of comunication, incluiding, but not limiting, interceptions or manipulations of eletronic comunications by third parties, or computer programs used for this purpuse.

Condições aplicáveis aos Códigos Promocionais (descontos)

  1. When used according to the established rules, a promotion code gives the user the hability to have a discount regarding the purchase of a specific product or for a “pack” of products, during the indicated period associated with the promotional code.
  2. Promotional Codes can only be used on purchases made through the website. The sale, trade or donation of a promotional code is not allowed. The code holder may never use the code in any other website or public form of offering, donation, sale or trade.
  3. You can only use the promotional code once. The promotional codes are not comulative with any other promotion or special offers. The promotional codes are not tradable for cash.

Costumer Support
For any question you may contact Porttable, Produtos Alimentares, Lda. through this e-mail:

Porttable, Produtos Alimentares, Lda. will only be held responsible for damage suffered by the client on the case that the damage result from a breach of contractual obligations arising out of willful misconduct or gross negligence of Porttable, Produtos Alimentares, Lda.

Applicable law

1. The present general conditions and all emergent litigations that are related to these, the usage of the website or any purchase made must be governed by the Portuguese Right, namely “Decreto-lei n.º 244/2014, from 14th of February”, with the changes introduced by the Law n.º “47/2014, de 28/07”.

2. All the purchases made on this website, are subject to the Portuguese Legislation and any conflict or divergence of intrepertation of the General Terms will be submited to the competent department of the Portuguese Court.
3. Under the terms and for the purposes of the provisions of the article 18º of the Law “nº 144/2015” of 8th of September, changed by the “DL n.º 102/2017, of 23rd of August” we inform that the entity for conficts is CIMAAL – Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Algarve, with the following contact information:
  • Adress: Ninho de Empersas, Edif. ANJE, Estrada da Penha, 3.º Andar, Sala 26, 8005-137 Faro, Portugal.
  • Phone: 289 823 135 (Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 13:00 / 14:00 – 17:00)
  • e-mail:
  • site:
  • Facebook:

4. Porttable, Produtos Alimentares, Lda. makes a commitement of privacy and security in the personal information of each client. The personal data of the clients will only be used by the companies of the group. The information you make available to us is to provide a more adequate service to your needs.