In the North-East Region of Portugal, called Trás-os-Montes, the Douro River forms part of the border line between Portugal and Spain, in a stark and isolated place of unique characteristics. It is in this region that the Douro’s narrow canyons are located between magnificent escarpments and cliffs, in a place where nature remains intact. In this paradise, also known as the Arribas do Douro, olive trees and vineyards are grown and some endangered species such as the black storck live.

About Us:

With a history that spans four generations, the Massa family has always been linked to the small town of Freixo de Espada à Cinta, in the Douro Superior, and to agriculture, through the two farms that have remained in the family for several decades: Quinta Arribas do Douro and Quinta d'Alva. With a total area of ​​130 hectares, mostly made up of vineyards and olive groves under traditional and organic farming, our farms are part of one of the most beautiful borders between Portugal and Spain, sharing along 2 km its lower limits with the Douro River, in the middle of the International Douro Natural Park. It is in these farms that we harmoniously give soul to our raw materials, carefully transformed into our Arribas do Douro wines, olive oils and gourmet products.